The learning plateau, i.e. great frustration

The learning plateau is probably a concept that doesn’t say much. However, we can assure you that everyone who has studied a foreign language has experienced this phenomenon in their lives. The plateau phase can be encountered in many fields, although the one we are interested in concerns a problem that is easily experienced when […]

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Language Translation

German language – it’s not so difficult

Nowadays, the ability to communicate in foreign languages is extremely important – English alone is often not enough, and it is beneficial to learn other languages as well. One of them can be German – mastering it can be useful nowadays and guarantee many benefits. It is frequently used in corporations to manage international connections. […]

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False Friends Language Travel

Italian-Spanish False Friends and Cognates

Since Italian and Spanish share a close Latin origin, Italian speakers who communicate in italiano standard and Spanish speakers using castellano are able to chat and exchange ideas to some extent. However, when we consider words that sound alike in both languages but completely differ in meaning, a lot of amusing and certainly puzzling situations […]

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