Dla tłumaczy Językoznawstwo Kącik kulturalny Między słowami

Magyar – about the language of our brothers

Hungarians call themselves and their language ‘Magyar’, it belongs to the group of the Ugric languages and originated in the 16th century. It is spoken by approximately 14 million people- mainly in Hungary, but also in Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovenia, and Austria. Interestingly, it is an official language not only in Hungary but also […]

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Dla tłumaczy Językoznawstwo Kącik kulturalny

Scandinavian languages

When it comes to Scandinavian languages, many people mention Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Islandic, Finish and Faroese. Everyone single one of them is part of the Nordic languages, except for Finish which belongs to the Finno-Ugric languages. Yet, if we speak of Scandinavian languages only Danish, Swedish and Norwegian are members of this group – to […]

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