The interpreting services Atominium provides can be broken down into two general areas:


  • consecutive interpreting, where the interpreter listens to the speaker, taking notes, and then provides the translation when they stop speaking
  • simultaneous interpreting, which involves interpreting what the speaker is saying in parallel with them


The interpreter will always be an expert in the field under discussion. The person to be assigned to the job is usually established with the client, who has the opportunity to indicate their preferences in terms of experience and age. All of Atominium’s interpreters have exemplary manners. They are very capable of handling stressful situations, communicative and well aware of the dress code appropriate to a given assignment.


We can arrange both standard and sworn (certified) interpreting and carry out any kind of interpreting, irrespective of the language combination, from standard Polish into English to simultaneous translation from Hebrew into German from a booth. With Atominium at your side, you will be able to invite visitors and guests from all over the world. We will take care to ensure that the right atmosphere is created and your communication is effective.

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